In recent times Coronavirus has become one of the worse humanitarian challenges. Countries across developed and developing are affected and working to ameliorate the impact of the pandemic.

In Nigeria particularly at the grassroots poor health facilities, inadequate access to information and poverty make it difficult for grassroots communities to cope with the effects of Coronavirus.

Against this backdrop, Global Action Against Gender Inequality with funding from ThePollinationProject implemented a Sensitisation forum on prevention and management Coronavirus disease. The forum was held to build the capacity of communities for ownership of the fight against Coronavirus and prevent a person to person transmission. The forum was attended by stakeholders selected from Local Government health officials, Health Workers, Traditional leaders, Religious Leaders, Women, and Youths Groups.

Participants were sensitized on understanding the dangers, preventive measures, and symptoms of Coronavirus disease. The sessions followed discussions, questions, and contributions from the participants. The forum also entailed sensitization on violence against women.

According to the women leader “we have heard of a dangerous disease that is killing people, but this program has given us we detailed information about the dangers and preventative measures of Coronavirus”. The youth director in his statement said that “some women provoke their husbands to become violent, but now if my wife provokes me I will ignore her and leave the house till she becomes calm.”
The Market leader pledged that “I will report back to the market chief and ensure that we swing into action to ensure this message is passed to our members and take immediate actions to comply with these hygiene practices”

Community groups developed Action plans to step down the information to their members and ensure compliance with the hygiene, physical, and social distance measures.

Images from the Sensitization Forum On Prevention And Management Of Coronavirus Virus – SAF Project