Preventing Violent Extremism

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Preventing Violent Extremism

The dangers of violent extremism and terrorism on women cannot be more emphasized. Every day, women of all ages are targets and victims of extremist violence and terrorist acts which most times include sexual violence and sexual slavery. These violent acts, suppress and demoralize entire communities. Understanding the complex relationships between women, gender, and violent extremism is critical to prevention efforts.

GAAGI is an organization committed to preventing and fighting violent extremists by building social cohesion, tolerance, and community resilience, and leading efforts to deradicalize and reintegrate returnees and former violent extremists. We believe that the efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism and terrorism should be gender-responsive and reflect women’s needs, agency, and leadership

Using our research and context-specific initiatives, we are also working to develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of gendered drivers of extremist violence and the impacts of counter-terrorism strategies on women and civil society.

Global Action Against Gender Inequality (GAAGI) promotes conflict-resilient and tolerant societies that are able to address the root causes of extremist violence by focusing on prevention efforts that facilitate women’s participation, leadership, and the protection of their rights.