Gender and Environmental Justice

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Gender and Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is a multi-faceted approach to the demand for a healthy environment for all; equal access to environmental resources and participation in decision making on environmental governance. Gender continues to be a relatively marginal issue in environmental justice debates and yet it remains an important aspect of injustice. Women tend to experience inequitable environmental burdens and are less likely to have control over environmental decisions, both of which impact on their health. It is argued that these injustices occur because women generally have lower incomes than men and are perceived as having less social status than their male counterparts as a result of entwined and entrenched capitalist and patriarchal processes.
In this regard, GAAGI’s approach integrates women’s experience of environmental justice through her interventions to mainstream the experiences and traditional knowledge of women in environmental governance. Our approach ensures environmental policy and practice are gender-responsive from the feminist approach. The radical social change necessary to bring about greater social and environmental justice. A feminist perspective is important to achieve environmental justice because women often live and work in circumstances that are not environmentally adequate and infringe on their fundamental human rights.


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