Global Action Against Gender Inequality (GAAGI) on Saturday 14th March 2020 organized a programme themed: “Forum for ensuring Intergenerational Gender Equality,” to mark this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD). The programme held at Millennium Park Abuja. The program is anchored under the Feminist Education Project.

The event held in tandem with this year’s International Women’s Day has a theme: “generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an Equal Future. The forum was organized to create a future where the rights of all women are recognized and respected.

It began on a high note with participants singing the Women’s Anthem. The chorus emphasized the need for women to build strong movements around the world to Fight Inequality.

The Board ChairPerson in her welcome remark briefed participants on the background of the organization. According to her “GAAGI is a Women’s Right organization formed by young feminists to fight for equal rights and opportunities for women and girls. She added that the organization is focused on addressing the challenges of women in Climate Change, Gender-Based Violence, and Education. The Board Chair urged participants to sing the Women Anthem every day as a reminder that women are ready and able to be leaders.

The Executive Director in her keynote address urged participants to maintain the momentum on campaigns to promote gender equality beyond #IWD. She further Stated that women’s right organization must hold government accountable for their commitment to achieving gender equality embedded in different national and international laws and conventions. She thanked the participants for making out time for the programme.

Participants were enlightened on the various national and international laws and conventions Nigeria has signed and ractified to tackle gender inequality. The Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, Beijing Platform for Action, National Gender Policy, and Sustainable Development Goals were among the Conventions and development agenda discussed at the forum.

The convener of Aunty Anna #AnnaOche in her session on “motherhood in the 21st Century ” urged women to pursue their personal ambitions. She stated that having a successful career and motherhood is possible if women take advantage of technology and seek help where necessary. Sharing her personal experience, #AuntyAnna iterated that women do not have to budge to societal pressures of perfection but work at their pace because they are human. She further added that the gains of the past generation of women who fought for rights to education and to be heard must be sustained by the younger generation. She urged women regardless of their age to pursue their career ambition.

Barr. #AzahemenGudu facilitated the session on changing the narrative: promoting the rights of women and girls”. Participants worked in teams to identify past practices that undermined gender equality and define the future they want for women and girls.

According to one of the participants “I want a future where women and girls can study and excel in any profession of their choice”.

“I want a future where men will be chastised for infidelity as women “

” I want a future my daughter go walk freely without fear of being raped”

“I want a future where laws and legislation will be implemented to ensure women become Governors and President “

The Executive Director ended the forum with the session on Feminist school to introduce participants to one of the programs of GAAGI. According to her, the Feminist school is organized to enable students to ensure a change in the mindset of society towards feminism. The school will expose participants to opportunities in the development sector to enable them to realise their personal and career ambition. She urged participants to take the opportunity to sustain their personal growth.