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Cross Broder Trade

Gender is considered as a crucial aspect of cross-border trade, which itself is essential for sustainable development. Here at GAAGI, we believe that Small Scale Cross Border trade should be a priority area for any Country willing to strengthen poverty alleviation efforts with a particular impact on women. In short, facilitating and formalizing cross-border trade can go hand in hand with women’s economic empowerment, while also leading to a reduction in gender-based violence related to the informal and insecure nature of their activities. Therefore, research on gender analysis of Informal Cross Border Trade is imperative for an informed, integrated, and holistic approach towards development interventions.

GAAGI has been working on women in informal cross border trade since 2015, starting with comprehensive baseline studies in each sub-region to inform its programming. We have also worked to encourage governments, regional economic communities, and development partners to enhance opportunities to regional trading agreements and ultimately empower women.

Our Projects and Initiatives

West African Trade Facilitation