Climate-Smart Agriculture Project

Climate change is impacting negatively on the lives of farmers’, and fundamentally changing the way agriculture is practiced. Drastically different weather patterns, shorter growing seasons, extreme weather, and many other changes pose daunting problems for smallholder farmers around the world, especially in Africa.

To this end, Global Action Against Gender Inequality in partnership with Community Agricultural Revival Programme is implementing the Climate Smart Agriculture Project. The project targets farmers particularly women and youths who constitute 70% of the labor force for smallholder farmers, whose livelihoods depend on regular weather and consistent crop yields. These farmers are on the front lines of climate change, with little access to resources to help cushion the disruptions climate change can cause in their operations and within their daily lives. Since these farmers are often the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, working with them to build “climate resilience” is critically important for global food security.

The project seeks to empower 200 farmers with the skills, information, and technology to withstand extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. The skills acquired will their increase resilience against droughts, torrential rains, and changing seasons

The Climate Smart Agriculture Project is a holistic approach that identifies the risks posed by climate change and the best practices to address these challenges while addressing the challenges of food security.